Labor expertise for internationals

For international companies, fast and adequate labor expertise


Labor expertise for internationals

A labor expertise in English offers many benefits for international clients. By conducting the investigation in English, there can be a clearer and more efficient communication between the parties involved and the labor expert. This ensures that you have a better understanding of the labor market and access to a larger pool of candidates. With us, you will always receive an English summary in addition to a Dutch report at no extra cost.

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Our labor experts are involved early and combine offline and online research to offer high-quality occupational expert analyses at a competitive rate. We can also provide an English summary in addition to a Dutch-language investigation.

Quality promise

Every employer fears a penalty from the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). Avoiding this fine is of the utmost importance. We have full confidence in our advice. If the UWV does not approve of our advice, you will be refunded the full amount of the labor research.

Extra insight

In addition to our quality reports, we also offer employers and employees occupational expert reports that provide additional insight into the risks and opportunities in the areas of labor mobility and finance. With more insight, better choices and solutions can be found.

Frequently asked questions

What is a labor expertise?

If your employee becomes ill, he/she falls under the Improvement of Gatekeeper Law (Wet Verbetering Poortwachter) during the first 104 weeks. The Improvement of Gatekeeper Law states that as an employer, you must investigate the labor possibilities in track 1 and 2 within a maximum of one year and six weeks. You do this with a labor expert research Improvement of Gatekeeper Law. In some cases, you can initiate an investigation earlier, for example, if it turns out that an employee has sustainably marginal possibilities for his/her own work.

Can reimbursement be obtained through the insurer after the investigation

Our labor expert provides an ‘labor expert research plus’ that includes an extensive WGA and penalty risk scan. This scan is intended to gain insight into financial risks. Based on that, you can make a well-considered decision together with your employee regarding the deployment of interventions. In many cases, our WGA risk scan can also be used to apply for co-financing from your insurer or through your occupational health service, for example, for a second track or expertise. Contact us to find out if your company also qualifies

Can an investigation be initiated earlier?

During an labor expertise interview, we explore whether an employee is open to starting with track 2 earlier. We also investigate whether there are other opportunities within the company that an employee can take advantage of. The goal is to discuss employability in a lighthearted manner and clearly map out the situation. In some cases, a health interview may result in termination of employment. Due to protection against dismissal, this is only possible under strict conditions. For more information, please contact us through our contact form.

And how does the labor expertise under the Poortwachter Act work?

You can easily request an labor investigation through our website. Once you have submitted the request, we will contact you within 24 hours. First, our occupational expert will speak with the client to assess the situation. Based on this, the occupational expert will schedule an appointment for an occupational expert investigation. In most cases, this investigation takes place at the employee’s workplace. In some cases, a tripartite discussion may be required. The report will be delivered no later than two weeks after the investigation.

Labor expertise for Ziektewet or WGA?

Matchvermogen has developed specific labor expertise for employees in the WGA (Working Ability Arrangement) and Ziektewet (Sickness Benefits Act). Often, other interests are involved, requiring additional specialization.

For example, it is very important to provide occupational expert support for a Ziektewet file before an EZWB (Employer’s Allowance for Sickness and Disability Insurance) is requested. During the WGA, it is important to determine whether the functions designated by the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) are still applicable. In both cases, an occupational expert can provide added value, so that you can manage the damage and help your (former) employee better.

Start al eerder met arbeidsmogelijkheden ontdekken

During a labor expertise we assess whether an employee is open to starting with second track reintegration (spoor 2) earlier. We also investigate whether there are other opportunities within the company that an employee can take advantage of.

The goal is to discuss employability in a light-hearted manner and to clearly assess the situation. In some cases, an labor expertise conversation results in termination of employment. Due to employment protection, this can only be done under strict conditions. For more information, you can request it via our contact form.

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